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Table 1 Summary table of scope of reviews in a systematic review of reviews1

From: Methodology in conducting a systematic review of systematic reviews of healthcare interventions

Aim (participants) Search strategy No. of studies included Total no. of participants Timing of preventative strategy
King & Flenady 2002 To assess the effects of prophylactic antibiotics on preterm labour (women symptomatic for preterm labour) Cochrane Pregnancy & Childbirth Group (May 2002)
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No language restrictions
11 7428 (6295 enrolled in one trial) Mean gestational age at entry to all trials 30-32 weeks (but varied across studies)
Simcox et al 2007 To determine if antibiotics reduce the risk of preterm birth (asymptomatic women at risk, e.g. previous preterm birth or positive fibronectin status) Cochrane Pregnancy & Childbirth Group (2005)
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English language publications.
17 1291 12-28 weeks across studies
  1. 1Reprinted from the European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, Volume 142, Smith V, Devane D, Begley CM, Clarke M, Higgins S. A systematic review and quality assessment of systematic reviews of randomised trials of interventions for preventing and treating preterm birth. 3-11, Copyright (2009), with permission from Elsevier.