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Table 6 Sensitivity analysis comparing the overall predictive accuracy (measured as C-index and Calibration Chi-square statistics) for LCAs with different model specifications

From: The effect of changes in intraocular pressure on the risk of primary open-angle glaucoma in patients with ocular hypertension: an application of latent class analysis

Model Model Features C index Calibration Chi-square
0 Cox mode with baseline factors only 0.778 0.706 5.0 2.1
1 LCA with a quadratic within-class functional form 0.821 0.719 11.3 7.0
2 LCA with a linear within-class functional form 0.825 0.720 10.2 4.9
3 LCA with a constant within-class functional form 0.823 0.727 10.5 13.5