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Figure 7

From: Combining directed acyclic graphs and the change-in-estimate procedure as a novel approach to adjustment-variable selection in epidemiology

Figure 7

Add-one and minus-one patterns for a starting adjustment-variable set of {C 1 , C 2 } based on DAG in Figure 1, taking the associations in the DAG in Figure 6 as the unknown best working DAG. Note that the variables listed as C2 and C3 are actually these variables measured with error, i.e. C2* and C3* in Figure 6. The solid horizontal line is the RD estimate adjusted on the putative minimally sufficient set {C1}. The dashed horizontal lines are the pre-defined meaningful change thresholds in the RD estimate. The add-one section shows the RD upon adding each variable listed to the adjustment-variable set in turn. The minus-one section shows the RD upon removing each variable listed from the adjustment-variable set in turn.

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