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Table 3 Number (%) of authors (n=166) whose authorship statement could not be matched to ICMJE criteria for authorship

From: Why do you think you should be the author on this manuscript? Analysis of open-ended responses of authors in a general medical journal

Stated contribution No. (%) of authors*
Substantial/direct contribution 94 (56.6)
“Yes” 9 (5.4)
This (case) is interesting 8 (4.8)
We work/collaborate together 8 (4.8)
I am a specialist of/I work in the department for 7 (4.2)
“I am interested in this topic/field” 6 (3.6)
“It was my master degree thesis” 3 (1.8)
“The study carries scientific value” 3 (1.8)
Literature search 3 (1.8)
“I have participated sufficiently to take public responsibility for appropriate portions of the content” 3 (1.8)
Chief of the project/department 3 (1.8)
Supervisor 2 (1.2)
Coordinator 2 (1.2)
Bibliographical search, administrative and logistic support 2 (1.2)
“I have other related publications as a biostatistician“ 2 (1.2)
Signature of the author 2 (1.2)
“My participation in the contribution was administrative and technical support.” 1 (0.6)
“I was responsible for translation of the article.” 1 (0.6)
“I have especially taken part in collecting the literature data, translation.” 1 (0.6)
“This is the first study of its kind.” 1 (0.6)
“On the basis of operational practice and clinical experience which led to this work.” 1 (0.6)
“Because I want to present process of treatment in our institute.” 1 (0.6)
“I am an investigator in scientific project with similar problems.” 1 (0.6)
“Because I believe this is a proper treatment in this situation.” 1 (0.6)
“I was scientific consultant of this research” 1 (0.6)
  1. *Percentages do not add up to 100 because of rounding.