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Table 4 Quality assessment according to AHFMR 2004 (N = 1)

From: Reasons for and against participation in studies of medicinal therapies for women with breast cancer: a debate

Criteria Assessment* Remarks
Altschuler & Somkin 2005 [19] (Score = 0.80**)
Research question(s)/Objective(s) Yes Described clearly and evident throughout the text
Study design Partially Not explicitly named; inconsistencies in subsequent data collection not evident
Study context Yes Setting is described
(Theoretical) frame of reference Partially Study objective does not completely follow the knowledge that is depicted in the introduction
Sampling Partially Described and reproducible; random sampling was performed until theoretical data saturation was reached; consent of women was obtained before the interviews began. Duration of study not mentioned.
Data collection Yes Reproducible
Data analysis Yes Categories, codes, and memos described; categories listed explicitly
Reliability Yes Second author verified formation of categories/assignment of codes by the first author; if there were discrepancies in the codes, they went back to the original material and found consensus
Conclusions Yes Results discussed; results of other studies are drawn upon as comparison
Reflexion Partially Possible influence of financial compensation were not reflected; recall bias listed as possible weakness of the study
  1. *Possible categories: yes, partially, no, not applicable
  2. ** Ascertainment according to AHFMR 2004 (p. 20) = ((number "yes" * 2) + (number "partially" * 1))/20