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Figure 3

From: Childhood body mass index trajectories: modeling, characterizing, pairwise correlations and socio-demographic predictors of trajectory characteristics

Figure 3

Fitted BMI trajectories of 8 randomly selected children, one from each quartile of residual BMI variance. Lower residual BMI variance indicates a better fit of an individual's data points to the individual-specific model. A) 1st quartile - a boy (residual BMI variance = 0.21), B) 2nd quartile - a boy (0.60), C) 3rd quartile - a boy (1.08), D) 4th quartile - a boy (1.26), E) 1st quartile - a girl (0.23), F) 2nd quartile - a girl (0.69), G) 3rd quartile - a girl (0.85), H) 4th quartile - a girl (1.59).

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