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Table 1 Statistical descriptors of the exposure variation dimensions (level, repetitiveness/velocity and similarity), with parameter values used in the simulation

From: Cluster-based exposure variation analysis

Cycle parameters Size of variation Statistical descriptors Values in the literature Applied distribution
Level low mean 25° * N(25,4.52)
   SD 4.5° *  
  high 10th 33° # N(45,7.52)
   90th 53°#  
Velocity low 50th 3°/s $ log-N(1.1,1.32)
   90th 16°/s $  
  high 50th 38°/s # log-N(3.6,0.92)
   90th 122°/s #  
Duration small mean 216 s £ N(216, 36.32)
   SD 36.3 s £  
  large mean 216 s £ N(216, 51.82)
   SD 51.8 s £  
  1. The parameters of applied distributions used in the simulation of exposure variation dimensions (level, repetitiveness/velocity and similarity).
  2. Exposure groups were simulated based on distributions parameters as shown by N(μ,σ2) representing a normal and log-N(μ,σ2) a log-normal distribution. SD stands for standard deviation and 10th, 50th and 90th indicate percentiles of the exposure distributions. The parameters of the distribution are extracted from relevant literature; *, #, $ and £ represent the studies in the literature upon which the parameters of the distributions are based. *: Nordander et al (2008), #: Hansson et al (2010), $: Arvidsson et al (2006) and £: Möller et al (2004). We refer to the reference list for detailed information.