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Table 1 English language diabetes journals indexed in either MEDLINE or Embase in 2003

From: Systematic reviews of epidemiology in diabetes: finding the evidence

  Indexed in
Acta Diabetologica MEDLINE & Embase
Diabetes MEDLINE & Embase
Diabetes & Metabolism MEDLINE & Embase
Diabetes Care MEDLINE & Embase
Diabetes Research MEDLINE & Embase
Diabetes Research & linical Practice MEDLINE & Embase
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics MEDLINE & Embase
Diabetes, Nutrition & Metabolism – Clinical & Experimental MEDLINE & Embase
Diabetes, Obesity & Metabolism MEDLINE & Embase
Diabetes/Metabolism Research Reviews. MEDLINE & Embase
Diabetic Medicine MEDLINE & Embase
Diabetologia MEDLINE & Embase
Experimental & Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes MEDLINE & Embase
Experimental Diabesity Research MEDLINE & Embase
Journal of Diabetes & its Complications MEDLINE & Embase
Pediatric Diabetes MEDLINE & Embase
Current Diabetes Reports MEDLINE
Diabetes Educator MEDLINE
Diabetes Forecast MEDLINE
Diabetes Self-Management MEDLINE
British Journal of Diabetes & Vascular Disease Embase
Canadian Journal of Diabetes Embase
Cme Bulletin Endocrinology & Diabetes. Embase
Current Opinion in Endocrinology & Diabetes Embase
Diabetologia Croatica Embase
Journal of Endocrinology, Metabolism & Diabetes of South Africa Embase
Practical Diabetes International. Embase