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Table 3 Selection of final log-linear model

From: Structural equation and log-linear modeling: a comparison of methods in the analysis of a study on caregivers' health

Component due to Deleted terms G2 (d.f.) P-value
Model (1): all main effect terms   311.44(196) <0.0001
Model (2): all two-factor interaction terms   86.13(160) 1.00
Model (3): starting model All two-factor interaction terms related to SS 77.82(108) 0.987
Model (4): model fit well PS*GI, GI*SM, SP*PH, GI*SP, SP*SM, GI*CB, PS*FF, FF*PH, CD*PS, GI*FF, CB*PH, GI*CD, CD*SM, CB*FF, CB*CD, CD*SP, CD*FF 101.34(126) 0.948
Difference between Model (3) and Model (4)   23.42(18) >0.10
Model (5): final model GI 82.38(76) 0.29