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Figure 4

From: Performance of statistical models to predict mental health and substance abuse cost

Figure 4

95% predicted ratio for decile 10 (PR10) percentile intervals per model at each simulation of various sample sizes. PR is computed as the ratio of predicted cost to observed cost whithin decile 10 of predicted cost. PR = 1 when mean predicted cost equals mean observed cost. The simulations at each sample size are based on 100 samples with the exception of the simulations for the Gamma Square Root model. Samples for which the model did not converge are dropped: 50 when sampling 5000 subjects, 15 for 10,000, 16 for 15,000, 8 for 20,000, 7 for 25,000 and 30,000, 5 for 35,000, and 1 for 50,000 and 55,000.

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