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Table 3 Drop out reasons in trials of Diabetes

From: Assessing differential attrition in clinical trials: self-monitoring of oral anticoagulation and type II diabetes

Source Reasons Given for drop out in the intervention and control group
19 Wing 1986, US Moved out of area, patient withdrawal and exclusion.
14 Fontbonne 1989, France Lost to follow up, no reasons given
11 Allen 1990, US Inappropriate randomization and drop outs for unknown reasons
13 Estey 1990, Canada Hospitalizations, initiation of insulin therapy, one death and failure to keep clinic appointments
5 Rutten 1990, Holland Unwilling or incapable of self-monitoring, death, referral to internist, failure to adhere to protocol, moved out of the area and admission to hospital
15 Gallichan 1994, UK Failure to present for re-testing
19 Muchmore 1994, US No reasons given
17 Miles 1997, UK Refusal to change over to alternative strategy, patients found the monitoring too stressful, conversion to insulin, moved out of area, found not to have diabetes post randomization and protocol violations
18 Schwedes 2002, Germany No reasons given
4 Guerci 2003, France Adverse events, patient non-compliance, consent withdrawal, loss to follow up, death, protocol violation, lack of information and other reasons
12 Davidson 2005, US Patient failed to return for follow up appointment.