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Table 5 Suggested information to report in an individual patient data indirect comparison to supplement ISPOR, PRISMA-IPD and PRISMA-NMA

From: A scoping review of indirect comparison methods and applications using individual patient data

• Rationale for the IPD indirect comparison method selected.
• Timelines to obtain, clean, and analyze data.
• Process to identify IPD studies, and if authors were contacted, which methods were used to contact them, how many reminders were sent, and who requested the IPD.
• Whether the obtained IPD were anonymized.
• Mechanism and strategy for storage of IPD.
• Whether IPD were requested from all studies or just a subset of studies; report reasons for all missing IPD studies.
• Potential legal agreements to access IPD and difficulties encountered due to data protection and intellectual property issues.
• Estimator or prior for the between-study variance and rationale for this selection, when a random-effects model is applied.
• Software in which the indirect comparison was performed and the statistical code used.