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Table 1 Included systematic reviews

From: Methods to perform systematic reviews of patient preferences: a literature survey

First author Year Title Objective Date of search
Belinchón [11] 2016 Adherence, satisfaction & preferences for treatment in patients with psoriasis in the European Union: a systematic review of the literature “To examine & describe the current literature on patient preferences, satisfaction & adherence to treatment for psoriasis in the European Union.” Dec. 2014
Bereza [12] 2015 Patient preferences in severe COPD & asthma: a comprehensive literature
“To summarize original research articles determining patient preference in moderate-to-severe disease.” [COPD & asthma] Nov. 2014
Blanchard [13] 2016 Assessing head & neck cancer patient preferences & expectations: a
systematic review
“We conducted a systematic review of the current evidence regarding the preferences & priorities of patients with head & neck cancer.” Sept. 2016
Blinman [14] 2010 Patients’ preferences for chemotherapy in non-small-cell lung cancer: a systematic review “To find, evaluate & summarise studies quantifying the survival benefits that cancer patients judged sufficient to make chemotherapy for NSCLC worthwhile.” 2009
Bradley [15] 2007 Review of patterns of practice & patients’ preferences in the treatment of bone metastases with palliative radiotherapy “To review the patterns of practice among radiation oncologists & patients’ preferences in the treatment of bone metastases with palliative radiotherapy.” June 2006
Brooker [16] 2013 Quantitative patient preference evidence for health technology assessment: a case study “To explore the feasibility & desirability of incorporating
patient preferences within the health technology assessment process by working through a case study.” [COPD]
March 2011
Currie [17] 2014 A systematic review of patient preference elicitation methods in the treatment of colorectal cancer “To assess the use of patient preference in colorectal cancer treatment.” March 2014
Damm [18] 2014 Preferences of colorectal cancer patients for treatment & decision-making: a systematic literature review “To identify the preferences of CRC patients with regard to treatment preferences & involvement in the decision-making process regarding treatment choices.” Sept. 2012
Eek [19] 2016 Patient-reported preferences for oral vs. intravenous administration for the
treatment of cancer: a review of the literature
“To evaluate the administration preferences of cancer patients, specifically between oral & intravenous treatment, as well as the factors contributing to preference.” Jan. 2015
Eiring [20] 2015 What matters to patients? A systematic review of preferences for medication associated outcomes in mental disorders “To investigate patients’ preferences for outcomes associated with psychoactive medications.” Sept. 2013
Emberton [21] 2010 Medical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia: physician & patient
preferences & satisfaction
“This review evaluates patients’ & physicians’ preferred treatment options for managing BPH & patient satisfaction with therapy.” June 2008
Gutknecht [22] 2016 A systematic review on methods used
to evaluate patient preferences in
psoriasis treatments
“To give an overview of methods that have been used in international published studies to evaluate patient preferences in psoriasis treatments.” Dec. 2014
Hamelinck [23] 2014 Patients’ preferences for surgical & adjuvant systemic treatment in early breast cancer: a systematic review “To give an overview of patient self-reported factors affecting preferences for breast conserving surgery vs. mastectomy, the minimal benefit patients require from adjuvant chemotherapy or adjuvant hormonal therapy to consider it worthwhile, & factors influencing this minimally-required benefit.” Oct. 2012
Joy [24] 2013 Patient preferences for the treatment of type 2 diabetes: a scoping review “To identify & assess the literature reporting on the treatment preferences of adult patients with type 2 diabetes.” Jan. 2013
Lytvyn [25] 2016 Patient values & preferences on trans-catheter or surgical aortic valve
replacement therapy for aortic stenosis:
a systematic review
“To investigate patients’ values & preferences regarding aortic valve replacement therapy for aortic stenosis.” Unclear
MacLean [26] 2012 Patient values & preferences in decision
making for antithrombotic therapy: a systematic review
“We conducted a systematic review relating to values & preferences of patients considering antithrombotic therapy.” Sept. 2009
Mansfield [27] 2016 Stated preference for cancer screening:
a systematic review of the literature,
“We reviewed stated-preference studies for breast, cervical, & colorectal cancer screening to identify the types of attributes included, the use of questions to assess uptake, & whether gaps exist in these areas.” July 2013
Phillips [28] 2006 A review of studies examining stated
preferences for cancer screening
“To conduct a systematic review of stated preference studies for cancer screening, identify gaps in the literature, & determine which types of research should be conducted in the future.” May 2005
Purnell [29] 2014 Patient preferences for noninsulin diabetes medications: a systematic review “To systematically review patient preferences for noninsulin diabetes medications in adults with type 2 diabetes.” Jan. 2013
Sadique [30] 2011 Women’s preferences regarding options
for management of atypical, borderline
or low-grade cervical cytological abnormalities: a review of the evidence
“To identify empirical studies evaluating women’s preferences regarding alternative management pathways & to compare the impact of alternative elicitation methods on results.” March 2009
Schatz [31] 2015 Systematic review of patients’ & parents’ preferences for ADHD treatment options
& processes of care
“To synthesize reports across existing DCE, BWS, TTO, & SGI studies to assess which aspects of ADHD treatment are most studied as well as most preferred & influential in treatment decisions.” Oct. 2014
Schmidt [32] 2016 Preferences of lung cancer patients for treatment & decision-making: a
systematic literature review
“To identify the preferences of lung cancer patients with regard to their treatment & involvement in the decision-making process.” Sept. 2012
Showalter [33] 2015 Factors that influence patient preferences for prostate cancer management options:
a systematic review
“We performed a systematic review to evaluate evidence regarding factors that influence patient preferences for management options for localized prostate cancer.” April 2014
Stewart [34] 2016 Preference for pharmaceutical
formulation & treatment process
“To examine studies on preferences for pharmaceutical treatment process attributes, focusing on research in diabetes, oncology, osteoporosis, & autoimmune disorders.” Oct. 2013
Umar [35] 2012 Elicitation & use of patients’ preferences
in the treatment of psoriasis: a systematic review
“To critically review the scientific evidence regarding the elicitation & use of patients’ preferences in psoriasis treatment.” Nov. 2009
Van Brunt [10] 2011 Preferences related to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder & its treatment “To identify & summarize published research on preferences related ADHD & its treatment, while suggesting directions for future research.” Unclear
Von Arx [36] 2014 The patient perspective of diabetes care:
a systematic review of stated preference research
“To examine how stated preference methods are applied in diabetes care, & to evaluate the value of this information in developing the patient perspective in clinical & policy decisions.” May 2013
Wilke [37] 2016 Patient preferences for oral anti-
coagulation therapy in atrial fibrillation:
a systematic literature review
“To systematically analyse the scientific literature assessing the preferences of AF patients with regard to long-term oral anticoagulant treatment.” 2015
Wortley [38] 2014 Assessing stated preferences for colorectal cancer screening: a critical systematic review of discrete choice experiments “To undertake a systematic review of discrete choice experiments of CRC screening.” April 2013
  1. ADHD Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, AF Atrial fibrillation, BPH Benign prostatic hyperplasia, BWS Best-worst scaling, COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, CRC Colorectal cancer, DCE Discrete choice experiment, NSCLC Non-small-cell lung cancer, SGI Standard gamble interview, TTO Time trade-off