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Fig. 3

From: The use of single armed observational data to closing the gap in otherwise disconnected evidence networks: a network meta-analysis in multiple myeloma

Fig. 3

SUCRA score for within network comparisons based on RCT evidence only (solid line) and RCT evidence including matches to strengthen within network evidence (dotted line) ** for a the white and b the black network. *Interventions with a licence in Europe. ** includes match 1 (Table 5) for white and matches 2 and 3 (Table 5) for black network. bev = bevacizumab; bor = bortezomib; carf = carfilzomib; cyc = cyclophosphamide; dara = daratumumab; dex = dexamethasone; elo = elozumatab; IFN = interferon alpha; ixa = ixazomib; len = lenalidomide; ob = oblimersen; pan = panobinostat; peri = perifosine; PLD = pegylated liposomal doxorubicin; pom = pomalidomide; sil = silituximab; thal = thalidomide; vor = vorinostat

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