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Fig. 1

From: Comparison of a time-varying covariate model and a joint model of time-to-event outcomes in the presence of measurement error and interval censoring: application to kidney transplantation

Fig. 1

Observed trajectories of four patients who developed dnDSA and four who did not. The x-axis represents time post-transplant, measured in months. The y-axis represents observed TAC level. The black circles represent measured TAC levels, which are connected with a solid black line for visibility. For those who developed dnDSA (1st row), the dotted red line represents the left censoring time and the solid red line represents the time at which dnDSA was detected. For those who did not develop dnDSA (2nd row), the red dotted line represents the last time at which dnDSA was checked and was negative, which is the right censoring time

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