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Table 2 Model Selection Criteria: DIC, and WAIC as defined in the “Model Selection and Comparison” section

From: Comparison of a time-varying covariate model and a joint model of time-to-event outcomes in the presence of measurement error and interval censoring: application to kidney transplantation

M1: Shared Random Intercept/Slope with Intercept 68943 (67672+1271) 68917 (67608+1309)
M2: Shared Random Intercepts 69052 (67716+1336) 69029 (67675+1354)
M3: Shared Random Intercept with Slope 69104 (67739+1365) 69057 (67691+1366)
M4: TVC Model 1327 1329
  1. The parentheses contain the (linear sub-model fit + survival sub-model fit). Lowest value indicating best model fit is in bold