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Table 4 Proportion of agency referred and self-referred participants recruited

From: Methods of identifying and recruiting older people at risk of social isolation and loneliness: a mixed methods review

Studies Proportion of agency referred participants recruited Proportion of self-referred participants recruited
Bouwman et al., 2017 N/A 71%
Dickens et al. 2011 61% N/A
Fokkema and Knipscheer 2007 68%  
Greenwald and Beery 2001 68% N/A
Honigh-De Vlaming et al. 2013   48%
Ollonqvist et al. 2008 100% N/A
Pitkala et al. 2009 N/A 15%
Slegers et al. 2008 N/A 24%
Average 74% 40%