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Table 5 Retention/Data Capture Rates for Study Population1

From: Recruitment and retention of women in a large randomized control trial to reduce repeat preterm births: the Philadelphia Collaborative Preterm Prevention Project

  Randomization Group  
  Intervention Control Total
First Post Partum    
Assessment 83.5% 76.0% 80.0%
   Second Post Partum    
Assessment 67.6 57.5 62.6
   Third Post Partum    
Assessment 60.0 48.9 54.4
   Fourth Post Partum    
Assessment 54.2 46.3 50.3
   Fifth Post Partum    
Assessment 47.3 40.8 43.6
  1. 1 Denominator for calculation of rates included only those women who were expected for each assessment. Specifically, women who became pregnant again before their next assessment was due were excluded from the calculation of the above rates. In addition, as noted in the methods section, women who enrolled after 9/1/06 would not have been eligible for the full compliment of assessments; if the study period ended before a woman was a due for her next assessment, she is not included in the denominator for the calculation of the rates pertaining to that assessment.