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Table 2 Relationship between telephone status, drinking, cannabis use and smoking

From: Surveying alcohol and other drug use through telephone sampling: a comparison of landline and mobile phone samples

  Adjusted odds ratio for mobile-only subsample (compared to landline sample) 95% Confidence interval
Total drinking volume+ 1.15 (0.88-1.51)
Risky drinking 0.90 (0.62-1.29)
Very risky drinking 1.11 (0.76-1.62)
Lifetime cannabis use 1.55 (1.09-2.20)*
Recent cannabis use 2.36 (1.30-4.30)*
Current smoking 2.43 (1.65-3.57)*
  1. Controlling for age, sex, location and education status.
  2. * statistically significant at p < 0.05.
  3. + Note that the model for total volume was a negative binomial regression model, and the parameter presented here for it is an Incident Rate Ratio rather than an Odds Ratio.