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Table 5 Comparison of the results of the SEM and the LLM approaches

From: Structural equation and log-linear modeling: a comparison of methods in the analysis of a study on caregivers' health

  Significant test/effect measures
Terms included in models (Terms were represented as interaction terms in LLM, but were represented as pathways in SEM except for '#') SEM LLM SEM (t-values) LLM (p-values) SEM(Path Coefficient) (effect size*) LLM (Odds Ratio) (effect size*)
Physical*Psycho (#) Yes (#) Yes 7.92 <0.0001 0.64 (#)(L) 1.65(L)
Psycho*Stress Management Yes Yes 2.52 <0.0001 0.11(S) 1.25(S)
Psycho*Self-Perception Yes Yes 3.15 <0.0001 0.23(M) 1.35(M)
Psycho*Child Behaviour Yes Yes -4.07 0.0052 -0.22(M) 0.86(S)
Physical*Caregiver Demands Yes Yes 5.00 0.0003 0.23(M) 1.19(S)
Physical*Family Function Yes Yes 5.34 0.0011 0.33(M) 1.19(S)
Stress Management*Child Behaviour Yes Yes -2.75 0.0089 -0.18(M) 0.87(S)
Stress Management*Family Function Yes Yes 4.46 <0.0001 0.27(M) 1.31(S)
Self Perception*Child Behaviour Yes Yes -4.78 <0.0001 -0.37(M) 0.81(S)
Family Function*Self-Perception Yes Yes 6.67 <0.0001 0.56 (L) 1.70 (L)
Child behaviour*Gross Income Yes No -3.36 NA -0.18 (M) NA
Psycho*Family Function Yes No 3.83 NA 0.33 (M) NA
Physical*Child Behaviour Yes No -2.98 NA -0.18 (M) NA
Social Support*Self-Perception Yes No 3.10 NA 0.18 (M) NA
Stress Management*Self-Perception Yes No 4.30 NA 0.29 (M) NA
Psycho*Caregiving Demands Yes No 3.12 NA 0.12 (S) NA
Social Support*Family Function Yes No 3.67 NA 0.18 (M) NA
  1. Note: # Error Covariance between Psycho and Physical latent variables (or correlations of the Residual term of Psycho and Physical latent variables) in the SEM model; * We have ranked large, medium and small effects for 10 effect sizes in both models.