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Table 2 Registrations of HIV, chronic hepatitis B, and chronic hepatitis C infections in the Danish National Hospital Registry (DNHR) for 2,033 HIV patients identified in the Danish HIV Cohort Study (DHCS).

From: Retrivability in The Danish National Hospital Registry of HIV and hepatitis B and C coinfection diagnoses of patients managed in HIV centers 1995–2004

  Registered with the disease in DHCS and DNHR Registered with the disease in DHCS but not in DNHR Registered with the disease in DNHR but not in DHCS Not registered with the disease in either DHCS or DNHR
HIV 2,006 (99%) 27 (1%) Not applicable Not applicable
Chronic hepatitis B (B18.0, B18.1)* 30 (23%) 99 (77%) 17 1,887
Chronic hepatitis B including B18.8 and B18.9* 42 (33%) 87 (67%) 30 1,874
Chronic hepatitis C (B18.2)* 126 (48%) 138 (52%) 8 1,761
Chronic hepatitis C including B18.8 and B18.9* 129 (49%) 135 (51%) 28 1,741
  1. *Refers to the ICD-10 codes used to identify patients in DNHR.
  2. The percentage is based on the total number of patients registered in DHCS.