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Table 2 Summary of discrepancies between partner interview open narratives

From: The quality and diagnostic value of open narratives in verbal autopsy: a mixed-methods analysis of partnered interviews from Malawi

Theme Pairs with discrepancies (%) Mean discrepanciesa Example discrepancy (major/minor)
Demographics 5 (42 %) 1.9 Exact date of death vs. month of death (minor)
Social/cultural 3 (25 %) 1.0 “That night we heard a sound like people are pounding maize…” vs. no mention (major)
History and care-seeking 6 (50 %) 1.2 “I took the child to [referral hospital] where [he] was admitted for 4 days” vs. no admission (major)
Diagnoses and symptoms 10 (83 %) 2.8 “The child had malaria” vs. no mention (major)
Treatment 8 (67 %) 1.1 “…put on a drip of blood and a drip of water” vs. “we were again given treatment” (minor)
  1. aUsing the number of pairs with discrepancies as the denominator in calculating the mean