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Fig. 2

From: Multiple Score Comparison: a network meta-analysis approach to comparison and external validation of prognostic scores

Fig. 2

Depiction of network structure with lines weighted by the total number of deaths in the group. Abbreviations: GOLD, Global initiative for chronic Obstructive Lung Disease; BODE, Body mass index, airflow Obstruction, Dyspnoea and severe Exacerbations; BODE upd., BODE updated; ADO, Age, Dyspnoea, airflow Obstruction (we use the updated version of the ADO score in our analysis); e-BODE, severe acute exacerbation of COPD plus BODE; BODEx, Body mass index, airflow Obstruction, Dyspnoea, severe acute Exacerbation of COPD; DOSE, Dyspnoea, Obstruction, Smoking and Exacerbation frequency; SAFE, Saint George’s Respiratory Questionnaire (SGRQ) score, Air-Flow limitation and Exercise capacity; B-AE-D, Body-mass index, Acute Exacerbations, Dyspnoea. aCohorts belonging to the ADO or COCOMICS groups are marked with * or † respectively. bThe thickness of the lines is proportional to the number of deaths of the respective cohort. cBelow we report the composition of the group; each of them is identified by a specific color: Copenhagen*, HUNT, Japan, SEPOC* (378 deaths in 4323 patients), Barmelweid*, Basque*, Galdakao†, Pamplona†, Zaragoza I† (215 deaths in 1208 patients), Mar de Plata Argentina, PACECOPD*, Son Espases Mallorca (61 deaths in 556 patients), COPDgene (337 deaths in 4484 patients), Genkols, ICE COLD ERIC, Initiatives BPCO, Sevilla†, Terrassa I†, Terrassa III†, Zaragoza II† (722 deaths in 4346 patients), La Princesa Madrid, Requena II†, Tenerife†, Terrassa II† (125 deaths in 845 patients)

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