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Table 1 Common surrogate measures with formulas

From: Evaluation of surrogate measures of insulin sensitivity - correlation with gold standard is not enough

  Surrogate measure Formula
OGTT-based indices Stumwoll 18.3−0.271·BMI−0.0052·
  Matsuda \(10,000\left (\sqrt {G_{0}\!\cdot \! I_{0}\!\cdot \! G_{mean}\cdot I_{mean}}\right)\)
Fasting indices HOMA-IR (G0·I0)/22.5
  QUICKI 1/(logG0+logI0)
  FIRI (G0·I0)/25
  Revised QUICKI 1/(logG0+logI0+logNEFA)
  Ratio of fasting insulin to glucose I0/G0
  Ratio of fasting glucose to insulin G0/I0
  1. BMI, body mass index; G0, fasting gluc, glucose 90 min after administration of glucose; G mean , mean glucose during OGTT; I0, fasting insulin; I120, insulin 120 min after administration of insulin; I mean , mean insulin during OGTT; NEFA, non-esterified fatty acids